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  • I would like to know more about music lessons at KJC?
  • What is FIM?
    FIM means Foundation in Music. We are currently offering private and group lessons on Voice, Guitar, Piano/Keys, Violin, Flute/Saxophone, Bass, Drums, and Music Theory. You can join our Open Conservatory for lessons tailored made to your liking and experience. Additionally, you can also join our Diploma program or join our KJC Online program. Please let us know your preference or if you have any questions and we will get back to you shortly.
  • What is the cost for courses in FIM?
    The lessons can be done on your preferred day. You'll have 1 private lesson in a week and 4 in a month. If you take an hour lesson it will be Rs.6000 per month and for half an hour lesson it will be Rs.5000 per month, with the option of group theory lessons free of cost. Please let us know your preference and we will get back to you shortly.
  • What is the diploma program? Can I know the price?
    The KJC Higher Diploma in Jazz and Contemporary Music is a rigorous 2-year pre-bachelor course designed for students above the age of 16. Over the 2 years, students undertake private lessons in their primary subject, and group lessons, in theory, aural skills, improvisation, musical appreciation, composition, ensemble playing, and music history. It is designed for students who want to have a career in Music or apply for further musical studies abroad. Pop-rock diploma is a 1-year course that is designed for aspiring musicians that are looking to find their voice in the pop/rock industry that Nepal thrives on. The price for Jazz diploma is Rs.106,000/year. Price for Pop/rock diploma is Rs.130,000/year Admission fee- Rs.6000
  • What musical styles do you teach?
    We offer a wide variety of instructors who are specialized in Jazz, Western Classical, Pop, Rock, Eastern Music and more
  • What are the requirements to get in?
    You can visit our school to fill up the registration form which costs NRS.2500/-
  • What is the registration cost?
    The registration form costs NRS.2500/-
  • Can a beginner take classes at KJC?
    Beginners are heartily welcome at KJC.
  • Where are you located?
    KJC is located in Gyanmandala, Jhamsikhel. In the same compound of MOKSH BAR, 3Rd Floor.
  • Do you sell instruments?
    Yes, we do sell instruments.
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