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Concert Schedule for Katjazz 2023

KJC Student Recitals

April 17-21 

Jazz Across Borders

April 22 | Saturday | 4 PM 
Three By Four | Jhamsikhel

Get ready to be transported on a musical journey around the world, with "Jazz Across Borders: A Celebration of Diversity" at ¾ Cafe and Bar. This outdoor concert is the perfec t way to start our festival, with a lineup that includes Carlos Heredia, Juliana Rodrigues, Gughu Mugu, and the Wayne Shorter Tribute Project. Jazz roots streaming through South America all the way to Nepal, this concert aims to showcase the diversity of jazz, and the power of music to bring us together

The Global Groove

April 24 | Monday | 7 PM 
Electric Pagoda | Thamel

Experience the incredible sounds of an evening of pure musical joy and jazz improvisation at "The Global Groove: A Jam Session with KatJazz Festival's Musicians." The evening will begin with an exceptional performance by the Nico Weber Quintet, followed by a jam session featuring all the musicians from the festival. Don't miss this opportunity to witness a unique and electrifying musical experience that you won't forget anytime soon.

The Piano Dialogues

April 25 | Tuesday | 3 PM 
Bass And Treble | Naxal

Experience an unforgettable evening of piano explorations with Michael Arbenz (Switzerland) and Juliana Rodrigues (Brasil) at "The Piano Dialogues: Piano Solo Explorations." A classically-trained pianist and jazz performer, Michael Arbenz's self-directed investigations in jazz bring a fresh and personal approach to his performances. His eclectic influences and multilayered improvisations will take you on a musical journey unlike any other. Juliana Rodrigues, a pianist, and composer with a diverse background, showcases the depth of her abilities through her unique compositions and exceptional performances. With each musician playing solo piano repertoire, this special concert promises to be an extraordinary experience.

Gyan KJC Residency

April 26 | Wednesday | 7 PM 
Moksh | Jhamsikhel

The Gyan KJC Residency aims to provide an authentic platform for cross-cultural musical conversations, anchored in the diverse musical traditions and artists of Nepal. This comprehensive program comprises research, instruction, collaboration, and public performances. The debut edition of the residency spotlights three accomplished Eastern classical musicians from Nepal: Santosh Bhakta, Milesh Tandukar, and Shree KC. Joining them are emerging Nepali artists inspired by folk music, alongside international guest artists participating in the Katjazz Festival, including Tomas Carrasco and Moa Edmunds from Chile, who will lead this concert and residency

Bridging The Gap

April 27 | Thursday | 7 PM 
Beers And Cheers | Jhamsikhel

This exciting concert merges jazz and pop music. Natasha Humera Ejaz, Pakistan's February 2023 Spotify Equal Ambassador, will bring her soulful voice and experimental electronica to the stage. Joining her will be the contemporary band "A Sound From Void," blending songwriting, hip-hop, poetry, and jazz to create a unique and emotional sound. This is a must-see for fans of pop and jazz alike!

Neco Weber Quartet

April 28 | Friday | 7 PM 
Dhokaima | Patan

Led by trumpet player Nico Weber, this young German jazz ensemble features Maxim Burtsev on piano, Jakob Jäger on double bass, and Leo Ebert on drums. Their signature compositions showcase distinctive melodies and interesting band textures that create captivating, multi-layered performances. Experience their unique sound that connects tradition and new ideas, offering a variety of soundscapes and emotions.

Conexão Brasil

April 29 | Saturday | 3 PM 
GyanMandala | Jhamsikhel

Join pianist Juliana Rodrigues and a talented lineup of guest artists, faculty members, and students for an outdoor celebration of Brazilian music. Experience the vibrant sounds of samba, choro, Bossa Nova, and more, in a festive atmosphere. This is a free and open event, with food and drink stalls available. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the sounds and culture of Brazil!

International Jazz Day 2023

April 30 | Sunday | 6 PM 
GyanMandala | Jhamsikhel

Get ready for an unforgettable evening of music as the Nico Weber Quartet and Juliana Rodrigues take the stage to celebrate International Jazz Day. Their dynamic and original music is guaranteed to captivate you and leave you wanting more. You won't want to miss this incredible finale to the Katjazz Festival!

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