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Diploma in Music
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Who We Are

Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, a music school that beats at the very heart of Kathmandu aims to train the next generation of artists, musicians, producers, sound engineers, composers, and songwriters to feed the increasing demand for music within Nepal’s flourishing music scene. There has never been a better time to be a musician in Nepal and there has never been a school quite like KJC to help you achieve your goals.

KJC, belonging to the vibrant Gyan Mandala Community and working closely with Katjazz studios and Moksh has a strong support network that has been developing for more than 12 years.

Students at KJC will be taught and supported by a passionate team of creative and practicing professionals and also will be a part of an environment that will constantly push them to be creative, skilled, well-informed and experienced artists.


I am very grateful for the moments I have spent learning at KJC. It is a place where open-minded individuals come to learn and exchange their ideas and thoughts about music. The teachers are well equipped, cordial, positive, friendly and make sure you have an unique experience at the school. The blend of multicultural teachers, international and Nepali, adds depth to your understanding of the music and brings different perspectives and influences from around the world.

Samyog Regmi


Pivotal to my experience of studying at KJC was getting to learn with Abhisek Bhadra, who incorporates his philosophy in approaching music education on a personal level. In understanding the student he is working with, he helps structure classes around the student, regardless of their background and previous learning experiences. For me personally, studying at KJC this time around taught me to disaggregate the way I write and compose my own music. He has helped me approach writing in a different light and to understand a theory-based logic on how and why the songs I have written have made their way here. Overall, it has helped me understand myself a little bit better and to say the least, learning from Abhisek Bhadra has been a revelation.

Bartika Eam Rai


My experience at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory was nothing  but joyous and has gone by faster than I would have wanted it to. Imbued with passion and a good taste for music, yet very welcoming and easy- going, the people there I learned from, studied and played music with were one of the best things to have happened to me.

Prithivi Nakarmi 

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Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

977 01-5443554 | 9813-556945

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