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Sneha Yonjan


Sneha Yonjan

Sneha Lama is a singer, songwriter and educator. 

She has been performing with her own band NANASHI with their own compositions and arrangements in the growing, yet small music scene of Kathmandu. She has performed in different bands around the Valley, taken part in recordings for renowned ongoing projects in the region like EITV (Echoes In The Valley) .Apart from interpretation her interests also lay not only in singing, but also in educating as she started giving private vocal lessons in Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory from 2017.Sneha has been involved in workshops, masterclasses with Christine Helferich Guter, Jennifer Heemstra, Maria Fajardo Martin, Charlotte Jacobs, just to name a few. Graduated from Higher Diploma in Jazz Vocals, her interests also range from pop, neo-soul, funk, jazz,as well as western classical music. She hopes to continue to grow, teach and learn through this music and continue to spread unity and knowledge in the growing music scene of Kathmandu.

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