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Aniket Gyawali


Aniket Gyawali

Aniket Gyawali is a musician, composer, vocalist and educator based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is originally from Butwal, Nepal. He has been a full time student at Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory and also been awarded scholarship to attend Jazz Diploma program at KJC. As a composer and a songwriter he has been writing and making hi own music. He has been working with various artists exploring new sounds and different musical languages. His musical influences ranges all the way from folk, POP, Rock, R&B and Jazz.

As a musician he frequently performs in some renowned places, especially around Kathmandu. He is also engaged in different projects with different musicians. One of the recent project he is working on is Paper Planes (a jazz contemporary band).

He is currently based in Kathmandu, working as a vocalist and a music teacher. Aniket will be teaching foundation in music.

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