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A music school that beats at the very heart of Kathmandu’s ever-growing music industry. Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory aims to train the next generation of artists, musicians, producers, sound-engineers, composers and songwriters to feed the increasing demand for music within Nepal’s flourishing music scene. There has never been a better time to be a musician in Nepal and there has never been a school quite like KJC to help you achieve your goals.

Belonging to the vibrant Gyan Mandala Community and working closely with Katjazz studios and Moksh, students will be part of an environment that will constantly push them to be creative, skilled, well informed and experienced artists.

In studying at KJC, you will be taught and supported by a passionate team of creative and practicing professionals. KJC serves a diverse and talented pool of students, and has a strong support network that has been developing for more than 12 years.


The Passion Behind KJC



Founder Director/Chairman

A versatile musician and entrepreneur, Nirakar Yakthumba is well known as the bass player of 1974 AD, Nepal’s First International Rock Band. He co-founded KJC in 2007 and since then has been heavily involved in the country’s cultural scene.

As an artist he has toured the Americas, Europe and Asia, and won many awards such as Hits FM and Kantipur FM awards. He is part of different formations, considering himself a complete musician able to play many genres. As a entrepreneur, he is an influential figure and partner at Moksh, Pranamaya Yoga and the Gyanodaya Education Foundation


Co-Founder & Director

An accomplished musician and global citizen involved in many social projects around the world, Mariano is an experienced saxophone, flute, clarinet and oboe performer. He is also director of KJC and Jazz Education Abroad and founder of Nepal Music Educators Society.

Graduated Cum Laude in Jazz Studies, Masters in Art in woodwind performance and pedagogy and the Florida Atlantic University, he teamed up with Nirakar Yakthumba to found KJC in 2007 to take Nepal’s music talents to the next level. He regularly tours the world performing and teaching workshops on jazz, flamenco, classical and Hindustani music.


Uniting People with Music since 2007

KJC is a unique hub for intercultural exchange where different backgrounds meet to learn from each other. Since 2007 KJC is bringing highly qualified foreign music teachers, performers and personnel who train our Nepali faculty and students. KJC is known as the most competent music school in Nepal and one of the tops in South Asia.


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